Icelandic train The first step will be the necessary and long awaited construction of a railway running from Keflavik Airport to BSI Bus terminal, in downtown Reykjavik.

The first rail track will be posed on the 31st of October 2009 in Keflavik Airport.

Building a railway and establishing a train company is confirming the international place of Iceland in its progress towards a zero carbon economy of green energies and use of renewable energy.

The train is an environment friendly transport, which will benefit from the large electricity resources of Iceland.

The express train that will be used on the railway Keflavik-Reykjavik a eFSET from Kawasaki Heavy Industries is at the forefront of innovation and high-technological development: a jewel in the train industry.

We are very proud to show you on this page a preview of the first express train of Iceland. The efSET ("Environmentally Friendly Super Express Train") will feature an extremely lightweight and aerodynamic profile in addition to a regenerative braking system that will recycle the kinetic energy generated by its movement, thus minimizing the loss of energy.

The promised operating speed of this ecological marvel has been pitched around the 350 km h, faster than the famous Shinkansen, the Japan bullet train!

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